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syncsort outrec examples Most of the installations change the SYNCSORT utility program Page 7 28 IEBCOPY in JCL tutorial IEBCOPY examples and sample JCL JOB. Trailer1 gt Count gives the records count excluding Header and Trailer with length of 4. June 21 2017 June 21 2017 Azhar Leave a comment. File F1 LRECL 100 and KEY length is 23 position 1. Sort magic Documents pin. OUTREC gives you the flexibility to reformat your output file in multiple ways . The OUTREC statement syntax for variable record format is OUTREC FIELDS 1 4 8 Omit the MODS control statement in the SYSIN file because it is ignored by SYNCSORT. To insert 10 blanks write 10X Rams. . data division. The PARSE parameter is optional except in WHEN INIT if BUILD or OVERLAY is not specified. 100 Cruce de ficheros con Joinkeys avanzado. CPU time 9. mm. 1 SORT. File F2 LRECL 100 and KEY length is 23 position 14. com Creation Date 1994 01 20 3 years 166 days left. Sort Control Cards JOINKEYS FILE F1 FIELDS 1 2 A Customers JOINKEYS FILE F2 FIELDS 1 2 A Country Code file REFORMAT FIELDS F2 1 20 F1 4 Copy Country Info to Customers SORT FIELDS 1 2 CH A After joining sort by country code SUM FIELDS 30 3 ZD Sum the amount OUTREC FIELDS 1 20 30 3 Include Country and Total END The figure below illustrates the SyncSort join process EXAMPLES The following are seven sample applications that demonstrate the power of the join facility of SyncSort for z OS. OUTFIL FILES 01 INCLUDE 1 6 CH EQ C 39 MOHANK 39 OUTFIL FILES 02 INCLUDE 1 6 CH EQ C 39 SURESH 39 OUTFIL FILES 03 INCLUDE 1 6 CH EQ C 39 KRISHN 39 SYNCSORT will take data from 1st positioon to 6th position of input file and it will compare that data with MOHANK or SURESH or KRISHN If data equals to MOHANK then that Syncsort DFSORT en JCL Ejemplos de uso. Note SYNCSORT emulation allows you to omit the equals sign between a keyword and its bracketed parameters for example OUTREC 05 5 10 . June 21 2017 June 21 2017 Azhar Leave a comment. It is in the range from 1 to 4092 gt 1 is the first byte for a fixed length record and 5 is the byte for a variable length record. Delete fields Reorder fields Insert separators blanks zeros or constants Below are the most basic inrec and outrec definitions. FIX. Here 39 s a DFSORT job that will do what you asked for The code in the previous reply do not works for this changed requirement. Syncsort belongs to Syncsort IncC that can sort data merge data selectively process data reformat data create summary records from data and create extensive reports from input data. The following is a description for each job step Ibm Syncsort Unix Manual indivisiblesomerville. 2 2. PDF Syncsort MFX for z OS Programmer 39 s Guide Syncsort Incorporated 2010. syncsort outrec examples. SORT FIELDS COPY indicate it for copy of records not for sort 2. 42 39 . 00 SURGICAL KILDARE 007 14 300. EXAMPLE SORT FIELDS 1 15 CH A Sorts Records OUTFIL OUTREC 1 1 15 Repositions Fields on Output 23 23 7 Records and Edits Data 51 48 3 72 60 4 PD EDIT II IIT. Overlay lets you change specific existing columns without affecting the entire record. There are a number of examples in later sections that show you how to use SyncSort to accomplish tasks that are common to the work of most data analysts or researchers. 2 MERGE . Note In place of SORT FIELDS COPY you can also give a certain sort of position like SORT FIELDS 5 4 ZD D Here ZD is Zoned Decimal. o SORT a secas. com. PARSE fields using IFTHEN parameter. My input fields is 9 17 comp 3. 42 seconds CPU time 0. Inputfile for SORT JCL 10 suresh 20000 01 20120203 34 20 NARENDRA 40000 06 20120925 AB 30 jacob A 25000 07 20111018 1A 40 RAMESH 34000 03 20120610 2C 50 Kishore 50000 02 20120408 45 INREC in SORT JCL SYSIN DD SORT FIELDS COPY OUTREC FIELDS 1 1 35 60 SEQNUM 6 ZD copyright www. the FIELDS parameter of the INREC OUTREC or OUTFIL OUTREC. OF RECORDS IN THE SPECIFIED TAPE DATASET. ss. OUTREC. TT 114 C 39 39 OUTPUT SURGICAL KILDARE 003 11 750. Multiple IFTHEN in Outrec. 42 seconds CPU time 0. IEBCOPY is a copy utility that is used to perform copy functionalities for PDS and PDSE datasets. 08 SYSIN DD statement. 00 30 850. Fixed block FB records datasets always starts from position 1. Lets consider the below file as our input or SORTIN file where NAME is 5 bytes DEPT is 2 bytes SALARY takes 4 bytes and is a packed decimal filed and EMP_ID is 5 bytes . nnnnnn Example to understand clearly. ALTSEQ CODE E340 C940 F540 5D40 . SORTING ON 1 FIELD STARTIN IN COLUMN 1 FOR A LENGTH OF 5 IN CHARACTER FORMAT IN ASCENDING ORDER. DFSORT control statements follow. ss or DATE5 to produce a timestamp with microseconds of the form yyyy mm dd hh. sysout dd sysout . Good Luck Dave K. NOTICE This document contains proprietary and confidential material and is only for Dynamically generate SORT cards or SQL predicates for other jobs that process partitioned tables and require limit keys in various flavors for example sort statements to split data file into multiple files by limit key ranges . com IBM Mainframe tutorials Learn. 5 No. OUTREC FIELDS 1 1 2 5 TRAN UTOL Here 2 5 TRAN UTOL is of the format p m TRAN UTOL. Ahlbrandt Software Inc. p1 p2 Indicates the starting position byte of the record from where sort applies. with ip address 198. share. No single data provider possesses the combined experience ability and product catalog of Precisely. It gives best utilization of system resources and efficient operation in 31 bit and 64 bit address spaces. 62. 459000 39 and 39 0000000000000005. TT 21 30 80 X OVERLAY Reformat each record by specifying just the items that overlay specific columns. It is used to extract variable position and variable length fields from records and place the resultant data into fixed length parsed fields. Syncsort MFX for z OS Programmer 39 s Guide 5 FEDERAL SUPPLY SCHEDULE 47QTCA18D003Y MFX for MVS MFX for MVS Release 3. dat COBOL file control. WER235A ddname INREC OUTREC RDW NOT INCLUDED. use SyncSort on MVS examples of how to use SyncSort to extract and or count records examples of using SyncSort to pre process data prior to using SAS for further data analysis or reporting. CPU time 9. Sort with OMIT SUM OUTREC DYNALLOC and ZDPRINT Example 3. Sorts can be used to manipulate a file. mm. Sorting can be done from ISPF prompt also. 00 24 900. 00 25 320. Let us assume input file has following data and structure For example VLFILL C pads with asterisks and VLFILL X 00 pads with binary zeros SORT FIELDS 25 10 CH A Pad short fields on the right with blanks default is VLFILL C OUTFIL FNAMES PADB VTOF OUTREC 41 40 C Blank padding 11 20 Pad short fields on the right with asterisks SC23 6878 00. The OUTREC operand provides editing and control of the way numeric fields are presented with respect to length leading or suppressed zeros symbols and so on. so that performance will be improved SORT OUTREC Example JCL. OUTREC FIELDS 1 10 10X 11 10 Where 10X means 10 Blanks. Adding a sequence number to the output file. PARSE cannot be used in a WHEN GROUP clause. FIELDS. The INREC amp OUTREC statements These statements are used to reformat the records. It performs a basic analysis of data sets that are RECFM V. The above OUTREC can also be written as below OUTREC FIELDS 1 10 21 11 10 SORT FIELDS COPY It is for copy records to output file. com LLC store at supplier Syncsort Inc. JCL Examples. Please explain with syntax and an example the Inrec fields and Outrec build in sort Answer cd. If the first set of data is not sorted your JOB shall abend with S000 U0016. Example OUTREC BUILD 1 20 C 39 ABC 39 26 5C 39 39 15 3 PD EDIT TTT. In the patterns I indicates a leading insignificant digit to be displayed as 1 9 or as blank for a leading 0. Register domain GoDaddy. 239. Example A171501C JOB Accounting information CLASS T MSGCLASS H NOTIFY amp SYSUID. z VM EXEC. Explained how to use INCLUDE INREC SORT OUTREC OUTFIL. Your OUTREC would look like as below. It can also perform any combination of the above mentioned functions and more. HISTOGRM is documented in Chapter 14 of the Programmer 39 s Guide. EXPLANATION The ddname will be SORTOUT SORTOFxx SORTOFx or the. The INREC statement is used before sort to shorten the records by eliminating unwanted fields. OUTREC FIELDS 1 20 25 6 Here we have two formattings 1 20 data at 1st position of input file with length 20 copied to 1st position if you don 39 t specific position it will start from 1st position of output file. Mainframe files are usually fixed length records without line feeds. Here 39 s the same example above using OUTREC OUTREC FIELDS 5 21 7 ZD M18 25 46 3 ZD M12 51 8 3 PD EDIT IT. MVS Utilities Reviewer Part 2. print filename . TRAN LTOU translates lowercase letters a z in a field to the equivalent uppercase letters A Z the following is an example of the ifthen parameter outrec ifthen when init build 1 80 1 8 zd mul 107 div 100 zd ifthen when 81 15 zd gt 10000 overlay 81 81 15 zd add 0500 zd hit next ifthen when 81 15 zd gt 20000 overlay 81 81 15 zd add 2000 zd hit next ifthen when any overlay 96 c 97 81 15 zd mul 15 div 100 ifthen when none overlay 97 81 15 zd mul 12 div 100 OUTREC in SORT JCL Example 1 If you want to add sequence number to the output data after sorting input data. . Compress PDS to release the unused space. The SUM control statement specifies that whenever two records are found with equal sort or merge control fields the contents of their summary fields are to be added the sum is to be placed in one of the records and the other record is to be deleted. SUM fields also used to eliminate the duplicate record in input file. The second task is to review and validate the results of executing the job. Not sure what release of SyncSort you 39 re using but you might be able to get the same results with a more complicated OUTREC statement. 1 2. SyncSort STEP records read 2543621 SAS STEP records read 28. To enable this support set the MFJSENGINE environment variable. JSTEP010 EXEC PGM SORT SORTIN DD data1 data2 data3 SORTOUT DD SYSOUT p1 p2 Indicates the starting position byte of the record from where sort applies. 25 6 data at 25th position of input file with length 6 copied to 21st position because 1 to 20 already data copied so it will continue from next position of output file. Example 2 Paired F1 F2 records with duplicates cartesian Example 3 Paired F1 records. Chapter 2. Merge Files using ICETOOL. Copy all or Selected members from one PDS to another. We will explore few more common uses of OUTREC with examples below 1 . Example 5 Paired and unpaired F1 F2 records indicator method Example 6 Paired and unpaired F1 F2 records FILL method Parent topic Using a JOINKEYS application for joining two files. Si trabajas en Mainframe seguramente conoces sobre las herramientas de ordenaci n sobre ICETOOL ICEMAN etc. The output data set is temporary and is to be allocated on a 3390. 3 INCLUDE and OMIT. 2 2. It can limit the number of records or fields inside of the record. Four bytes must be. You can use nX to specify n blanks. Examples. SORT FIELDS COPY OMIT COND 1 3 EQ JCL In the above examples the records which contain JCL in the first 3 positions will not be copied. share. . quot SyncSort is a utility product that has no Y2K specific dependencies. Practice. SYNCSORT AN OVERVIEW Table of Contents 1. JCL SORT or SYNCSORT utility in JCL is used to sort the datasets merge datasets and copy datasets. Then use the command 39 SORT 1 22 39 to sort the file from 1st to 22nd characters. We will try to explore the many uses of OUTREC in this article with some examples . We can insert commas hyphens slashes Example Sort Card Header1 gt It has a Static message which start from 1st position followed by a date and Time. Techagilist. 09 OMIT statement. 7 is a high performance sort merge Ibm Syncsort Unix Manual discovervanuatu. Separators can be inserted anywhere in the record see next section for syntax and examples. SYNCSORT Utility. The difference between them is more of a performance issue. ddname provided by an OUTFIL FNAMES parameter. COBOL Examples. Example 4 Unpaired F2 records. golf. OUTFIL FILES 1 OUTREC 10 1 20 40 45 5 50 60 8 INCLUDE 21 2 CH EQ C 39 NY 39 OUTFIL FILES 2 OUTREC 20 1 20 50 60 8 INCLUDE 21 2 CH EQ C 39 MA 39 In the above examples the records which contain JCL in the first 3 positions will be copied. This results in faster sorting. pin. 39 E3 39 is the hexadecimal value for alphabet 39 I 39 . Sample JCL Sort with ALTSEQ Example 2. As this non working example is the most concise of my non working attempts I will include it as a guide to what I 39 m trying to do. i need to compare the key in both files and if it matches then i need to insert a mark for instance 39 D 39 in the file F1. The first task is to execute a single job that will sort a sequential file and produce a report using the sort program. I would normally do this in DFSORT but I think Syncsort should work. l1 l2 gives the total field length . 1 Programmer s Guide ALTSEQ. jcl with multiple job steps to merge the records from three 3 input file with different record lengths into a single file with a record length that is equal to the largest record size of the input files. The following parameters of this SYNCSORT control statement are supported in MFSORT and MFJSORT. Sunil. mainframegurukul. When you want the sort to present your input numeric field in a format that you want in your output you can make use of already available edit mask patterns provided below. Code STEP010 EXEC PGM SYNCSORT COND 0 NE SYSOUT DD SYSOUT . htm Part_26. com Explanation First 35 bytes will be OUTFIL control statement Examples Example 1. OUTREC FIELDS 4 length Where length is the length of the original input record. For the packed decimal representation listed above X indicates the number of digits represented and W is the number of bytes. sysin dd . Twenty six pre defined editing masks M0 to M25 are available and user defined masks can be created using for example the EDIT SIGNS and LENGTH options. The following example illustrates how to use the OUTFIL control statement to define mul tiple output files. specification. I p X 39 0000ABC1234567890 39 X 39 0000BCC2345678901 39 X 39 0000AAB3456789012 39 X 39 0000BCC4567890123 39 O p The following parameters of this SYNCSORT control statement are supported in MFSORT and MFJSORT. I tried joinkeys syncsort. 00 Columns 00001 00072 000007 SYT020I SYNCSORT Outfil outrec Merging two files into one based on certain key fields DFSORT Reporting Issue Detail Line Customization sort keeping header as rec1 Summing up of values using Syncsort compare two files using SORT DFSORT article in z Journal Oct Nov To delete the Trailer REcord from the file sort two files with same sort condition 000007KJHKJHJKD TYTUTYUDTFS6757686 76576576564 7657666666666666666557556. SORT FIELDS p1 l1 f1 o1 p2 l2 f2 o2 . It can take two or more files and combine them. . This is a utility program distributed with SyncSort. Example OUTREC OVERLAY 45 45 8 TRAN LTOU SORTOUT DD statement. 1st set of data needs to be sorted in order to merge successfully. 4 Other names that can be used to invoke SORT are ICEMAN IERRCO00 IGHRCOOO and SYNCSORT. Also a number of examples are available from current SyncSort users that might help in your understanding of how SyncSort can assist in your work. 4 You can reformat records in your data sets by using the outrec and inrec instructions with them you can. TTT 4 . 1. For merging we need two sets of data. You can delete rearrange and insert fields and constants. SyncSort STEP records read 2543621 SAS STEP records read 28. au This section gives some examples of mfsort commands and jobstreams. Because the OUTREC statement results in a reformatted output record length of 22 bytes LRECL 22 must be specified. SYNCSORT Utility. Build gives you complete control over the items you want in your reformatted OUTREC records and the order in which they appear. To do what you want use quot SUM FIELDS s l t quot where s start pos l lth and t type. OMIT COND Similarly we can omit the records from the dataset based on a specific condition. step1 exec pgm idcams. com DA 17 PA 44 MOZ Rank 68. Each example contains a statement of the problem a sample of the inputs SyncSort control statements used to produce the output and a sample of the output. file section. To successfully complete Test Case 04 it will be necessary to perform two tasks. Answer mohanasundaram. 0 No. 15 ALTSEQ ALTSEQ Control Statement The OUTREC and INREC statements can also be used to edit numeric input fields using the same capabilities available for OUTFIL OUTREC. MD4 gt is a Date format with as a separator. The following sample EXEC defines the files and initiates SYNCSORT Read Free Ibm Syncsort Unix Manual download. infile dd dsn filename disp shr. 2 2. SYSUDUMP DD SYSOUT . You may find it helpful to refer to the Examples of DFSORT Job Streams section of your DFSORT Application Programming Guide. pdf from MANAGEMENT MT203M2 at Purdue University. IFTHEN Syncsort utility with examples. OUTREC in the sort would look as below so that your first char remains as upper case and the others are converted to lower case. 01 members record. IFTHEN Syncsort utility with examples Posted on June 6 2018 October 25 2020 by Admin IFTHEN statements allow you to reformat different records in different ways by specifying how build or overlay items are to be applied to records that meet ICEMAN utility is used to count the number of records in a tape data set. Note SYNCSORT emulation allows you to omit the equals sign between a keyword and its bracketed parameters for example OUTREC 05 5 10 . SYNCSORT COM 3YNCSORT amp 8FORZ 3 2ELEASE PROGRAMMER S GUIDE SI 4301 102813. I am using Syncsort and attempting to process a file as follows 1 Sort fields. ICETOOL examples Following Figure shows the Normal Layout of a ICETOOL job BC00 SM017R. The variable length nature of the records will be problematic. COBOL BATCH EXAMPLE RPR6621F COBOL Program RPR6621F Project RSSP Franchise Service Plan Automation EXPLANATION 1. 2. It can be used in the same lines of DFSORT and can achieve the same features. records copied counts 28. IN DISP SHR 04 SORTOUT DD DSN FLY. INCLUDE COND 110 5 CH EQ C ENGL OR 110 5 CH EQ C PSYCH INREC FIELDS 1 1 75 76 170 4 80 110 5 SORT FIELDS 76 4 BI D OUTREC FIELDS 1 1 75 85 76 4 BI EDIT IT. SYNCSORT Commands . To enable this support set the MFJSENGINE environment variable. sysprint dd sysout . Computers amp electronics Software User manual. 2 Convert ZD to PD example of ZD formats are 39 000000000002. SUM FIELDS NONE gt Remove duplicate records. Like many features SORT provides two control keyword SKIPREC and STOPAFT which can be used to skip records and read selective no of lines. Getting the counts might be trickier but we should at least be able to extract only the values between 1 and 5 pretty easily. TT 101 64 4 PD EDIT II IIT. IFTHEN clauses let you use sophisticated conditional logic to choose how different record types are reformatted. Example 1 Paired F1 F2 records without duplicates. OVERVIEW. INPUT Blocked fixed length records on disk OUTPUT Blocked fixed length records on disk WORK DATA SETS Not applicable USER EXITS None FUNCTIONS OPTIONS OUTREC PARSE BUILD EXAMP JOB A400 PROGRAMMER 01 S1 EXEC PGM ICEMAN 02 SYSOUT DD SYSOUT A 03 SORTIN DD DSN FLY. SYNCSORT Overview. Thank you for mentioning HISTOGRM. 00 SURGICAL KILDARE 009 11 110. Sort with ASCII tapes Sort examples IBM IBM Mainframe tutorials Learn. SYNCSORT is used to copy merge or sort datasets with a high performance. SyncSort has manipulated data accurately for almost 30 years on a wide variety of platforms and will continue to do so accurately well beyond the millennium. Marcus_33 Dec 15 39 11 at 15 59 The example below is my latest attempt where I combined some of the BUILD OVERLAY PARSE statements but I have found out that this is not allowed. 28 seconds 29 A Guide To SyncSort APPENDIX E Examples of Uses of SyncSort on VM NOTE When record positions are referred to in any of the examples a RECORDTYPE of FIXED is assumed. If you are asking if you have 2 or more values in the record that needs to be changed to some other values refer to below example from DFSort Applicaton Programming. OverView . Like wise we can do for any characters provided we know the HEX equivalent of that character. You can give anything here. In most cases INREC and OUTREC statements can be used. 3 Sum new PD fields. A complete description of SyncSort capabilities can be found in the Programmer s Guides see appendix A . Example OUTREC BUILD 1 20 C 39 ABC 39 26 5C 39 39 15 3 PD EDIT TTT. quot However many of the applications that use SyncSort and much of the data SyncSort manipulates is Y2K sensitive. SKIPREC n How many n lines to be skipped from the first line. uvsort can also read amp create indexed files which is not possible with the unix linux system sort. Here is the OUTREC SORT card. records copied counts 28. Estas herramientas en realidad resuelven a las herramientas producto instaladas en el Mainframe como DFSORT o Syncsort. Create multiple PDS in a single IEBCOPY job from one input PDS. Precisely Data Experience. This tutorial will teach you how to read selective lines from the beginning of a Physical Sequential PS File file using SORT. 00 When you have a question start a new topic rather than posting a reply to some 2 year old topic. INREC OVERLAY operation is used in order to rewrite data in input file before copying to output. Copy with OUTREC PARSE and BUILD. It is in the range from 1 to 4092 gt 1 is the first byte for a fixed length record and 5 is the byte for a variable length record. User manual Syncsort MFX for z OS Programmer s Guide Syncsort MFX for z OS Programmer s Guide 13 Yes. We have made a significant effort to ensure the documents and SORT. This batch job MRGCPYJ4 uses a single JCL member MRGCPYJ4. Syncsort. Explanation SORT FIELDS COPY gt Copy all content of the input file. Post your current Syncsort parms and I 39 ll take a look. SyncSort Control Statements. If you want to change different input values to one values you can do that using something like this INREC FINDREP IN X 39 00 39 X 39 FF 39 OUT C 39 39 SORT EDIT MASK PATTERNS. We can play around with PD or ZD data format. 4. Thus sorting a FB dataset is fairly easy as we know from which positions the records and its various fields starts and where it ends. org Ibm syncsort manual Read or Download ibm syncsort unix manual pdf Online. FIELDS. I 39 m not that talented with SyncSort or I 39 d try to work something up. fd members file record contains 28 characters. View syncsort. MVS Tips. En un art culo anterior vimos un ejemplo de Joinkeys en su forma m s b sica. TEST1. You can use X or 1X to specify a single blank. This tutorial will show you how to merge two files OR two sets of records using IBM DFSORT. JOINKEYS FILE F1 Support for NetApp SyncSort for z OS Visual SyncSort SYNCINIT SYNCLIST and SYNCTOOL. 12 SyncSort for z OS 1. JCL. ALTSEQ Control Statement Examples that are to be entered exactly as shown are presented in the Courier typeface for instance ALTSEQ CODE F0B7 F1B8 F2B9 F3BA F4BB F5BC F6BD F7BE F8BF F9C0 Figure 5. truyenyy. COUNT EXEC PGM ICEMAN. Here given just to separate date and time. To re arrange the fields from your input file just list the fields as per the order you wish them to appear in your output file in the SORT card following the above example if you wish to have an output file with the columns in the reverser order as the input file use the below sort card SYSIN DD SORT The results con rm that the b est c hoice dep ends on the particular application Feb 28 2014 Editing Numeric Fields in DFSORT SYNCSORT EDIT Feature of OUTREC in DFSORT SYNCSORT gives us great flexibility to mask and represent the data in our very own format. 5 Create output record with fewer fields. Mainframewiki. 28 seconds 29 A Guide To SyncSort APPENDIX E Examples of Uses of SyncSort on VM NOTE When record positions are referred to in any of the examples a RECORDTYPE of FIXED is assumed. So ALTSEQ CODE E340 will replace 39 I 39 with 39 SPACE 39 . JCL SORT SUM Fields. TT 21 30 80 X OVERLAY Reformat each record by specifying just the items that overlay JCL amp VSAM Hi I have a problem with INREC overlay in Syncsort. 4 Convert PD back to ZD. JCL SORT or SYNCSORT utility in JCL is used to sort the datasets merge datasets and copy Reformatting Records Using OUTREC. Pay close attention to INOUT. THIS JCL TELLS THE NO. Practice. Interview Questions. OUTREC adds deletes or reformats fields after the records are sorted or merged. Example 3. STEP01 EXEC PGM SYNCSORT SYSPRINT DD SYSOUT WER237I OUTREC RECORD LENGTH 2993 In the input file the content in position 1 6 is overwritten to the position 47 6 and then copied to the output file. interchangeably. Inserting Zeros Spaces and Character strings to your output You can insert blanks before between or after fields. See the many examples given beginning on page MVSJCL. yDFSORT Examples ICETOOL yHow to execute ICETOOL yICETOOL Program Control Statements yICETOOL Examples Hints and Tips References The information and sample code provided in this presentation have not been submitted to any formal testing and are provided on an quot as is quot basis without any warranty either expressed or implied. The OUTREC statement is used after the sort to improve readability. dat quot organization is relative access mode is random relative key is relative key. com DA 19 PA 41 MOZ Rank 60. Example OUTREC FINDREP INOUT C 39 Pigeon 39 C 39 Dove 39 C 39 Hawk 39 C 39 Eagle 39 IFTHEN clauses Reformat different records in different ways by specifying how build overlay find replace or group operation items are applied to records that meet given criteria. 2nd set of data need not to be sorted. This tutorial will focus on variable block VB datasets records and how to consider the record descriptor word RDW while sorting using DFSORT. A continuaci n vamos a introducir el resto de posibilidades que ofrece esta aplicaci n que se ejecuta dentro de la utilidad sort del mainframe tanto DFSORT como su clon Syncsort JNF1CNTL Y JNF2CNTL DD para incluir Examples that are to be entered exactly as shown are presented in the Courier typeface for instance ALTSEQ CODE F0B7 F1B8 F2B9 F3BA F4BB F5BC F6BD F7BE F8BF F9C0 Figure 5. How to find out the number of records in a file using JCL. For example OUTREC BUILD DATE3 TIME1 1 6 would produce a character timestamp in output positions 1 12 of the form yyyydddhhmmss More easily you could use DATE4 to produce a timestamp of the form yyyy mm dd hh. DFSORT is invoked using JCL. DFSORT sets the RECFM from SORTIN and selects an appropriate BLKSIZE. uvsort includes SYNCSORT features such as record INCLUDE OMIT record reformatting INREC OUTREC etc. 2. INREC adds deletes or reformats fields before the records are sorted or merged. Precisely is the global leader in data integrity. VAR. Enhancements to INREC OUTREC and OUTFIL processing improve CPU time elapsed time and memory usage. OUT DISP OLD 05 SYSIN DD 06 OPTION COPY 07 OUTREC PARSE 00 ABSPOS 21 STARTAFT BLANKS 08 ENDBEFR C 39 39 FIXLEN 5 Suppose you want to copy first 10 fields then place 10 blanks and then bytes from 11 to 20 from the input file to output file. JCL ICETOOL1 01. JCL. One of the pieces of information that is given is the shortest record length found in the data set. SyncSort. For PIC S9 X PACKED DECIMAL W is ceil x 1 2 . Examples. TT 95 80 5 Here lets cover some more typical SORT examples. select members file assign to quot mydir golf. provided for the RDW of the variable length output record in. 2 2. Chiru. 1996. . OUTREC similaire INREC mais apr s traitement on peut r organiser les colonnes faire des calculs changer certaines valeurs par d 39 autres SORTOUT si on n 39 ajoute pas d 39 instruction OUTFIL alors les enregistrements qui sont arriv s jusque l sont recopi s en SORTOUT et le step est termin . For this open the file to be sorted in edit mode. by mainframe_novice Wed Jun 02 2010 9 40 pm . 39 40 39 is the hex equivalent for SPACE. syncsort outrec examples